5 Things Not to Ask of Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time to shower the moms in our lives with love, appreciation, and maybe a bouquet or two. 

You know what it’s not a time for? Asking her to do stuff. Perish the thought!

After all, Mother’s Day is about putting her needs first, right? So, here are five no-gos to keep in mind as you celebrate Mom this year.

1. “Can You Do the Laundry?”

It’s her day off, full stop. Actually, this deserves more attention. 

While it might be tempting to pass off a chore or two (especially if Mom has that magic touch with stubborn stains), resist the urge. Laundry, dishes, and any household chore should be off-limits. 

Have the kids do them instead. Yeah right. 

2. “What’s for Dinner?”

Don’t be a dingus. 

Repeat after me: I will not burden Mom with coming up with a dinner solution. In fact, you should have Mother’s Day dinner planned out already. Now, a fair and thoughtful question is asking if there’s somewhere special she wants to go, or if there’s a meal she’d like you to cook. 

But other than that, the onus is on you. 

3. “Can You Watch the Kids?”

This request is fine…as long as it’s on Father’s Day. 

But it’s Mother’s Day and kid duty is out of the question. 

Encourage your spouse or partner to take the day for some well-deserved “me time” or adult-only activities (get your mind out of the gutter!) Whether it’s reading a book uninterrupted, enjoying a spa day, or simply napping, make sure the usual responsibilities are covered.

4. “Did You Hear What (Fill-in-the-Blank) Politician Said?”

Mother’s Day is not the day to remind Mom about crazy current events in the news. Trust me, they’ll still be there on Monday.

Instead, let’s keep the news cycle about whether Mom would prefer pancakes or waffles for breakfast, or if she’d break her “no dessert before noon” rule for a slice of chocolate cake. And honestly, isn’t deciding whether to watch a rom-com or a drama more the speed we’re aiming for today?

Let’s save the world’s dramas for another day—today’s headlines should only read: “World’s Best Mom Takes a Well-Deserved Break, Damn It!”

5. “Can You Help Me with Something?”

Here’s how the grading scale works on this one.

  • A for the thought not entering your mind.
  • B if it enters your mind, but you keep your mouth closed.
  • C if you say, “Can you help me…oh, never mind.”
  • D if you say, “Can you help with something? Oh crap, strike that from the record.”
  • F if you say, “Can you help me with something? Well? Come on already.” 

Keep the focus on Mom on Mother’s Day, and while you’re at it you can also make her feel special several other days during the year. 


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Happy Mother’s Day!

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