5 Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World

Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love, affection, and 10pm dinner reservations due to last minute planning is observed not just in the US of A, but across the globe. 

Indeed, some countries stick to the traditional chocolates and flowers, but others have unique customs that make February 14th a day to remember. I invite you to surf Cupid’s arrow for a 

love-filled journey around the world to explore five distinct Valentine’s Day traditions.

1. Wales: Love Spoons

I know, I had to do a double take, too, but I’m not here to judge. 

Yes, Welsh tradition holds a unique craft at its romantic core: the carving of love spoons. These wooden spoons are intricately carved and presented as symbols of love and affection. 

With designs featuring hearts, keys, and locks, they are meant to showcase a suitor’s skills and commitment.

That’s a low bar. Doh, I’m being judgy again!

2. Japan: Chocolate with a Twist

Japan’s got the egalitarian spirit down pat. 

Over there, Valentine’s Day takes an interesting turn, with women presenting men with chocolates—but it doesn’t end there. The following month, on White Day, men return the favor, often with more elaborate gifts. 

This unique exchange highlights the reciprocal nature of love and relationships in Japanese culture…and demonstrates how they’re much better at Valentine’s Day than we are. 

3. South Korea: A Love Marathon

South Korea takes home the gold medal in terms of Valentine’s Day thoughtfulness. 

Those who find themselves without romantic gifts on February 14th can look forward to Black Day on April 14th, where singles gather to enjoy Jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) and celebrate or commiserate their single status.

4. Denmark: Snowdrops and Joke Letters

Those Danes are some funny rascals. 

Valentine’s Day in Denmark is characterized by the exchange of lover’s cards and humorous joke letters known as “gaekkebrev.” 

I don’t know about you, but saying “gaekkebrev” out loud is funny enough that I wouldn’t need to read the actual letter. Also, I don’t know Danish. 

This playful tradition adds a lighthearted touch to the Danish expression of love, while the gifting of snowdrops (delicate white flowers) adds a layer of sappiness…I mean,  traditional beauty.

5. Philippines: Mass Weddings

The Philippines celebrates Valentine’s Day with grandeur and a sense of community through mass wedding ceremonies. These events, often sponsored by the government, allow couples to tie the knot in a shared, festive atmosphere, making the day truly memorable.

That sounds wonderful! Except for the part where you just want to celebrate Valentine’s Day without committing yourself to marriage. 

The global celebration of Valentine’s Day reminds us that, while the language of love may vary, its message is universal and that saying “gaekkebrev” five times will cause you to belly laugh. 


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Bottoms up, Bon Appétit, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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