Why It’s Important to Set Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

Ah, January—a time of fresh starts and ambitious goals. 

We get to flip or swipe to that new calendar page with hope and the promise of a new beginning. 

But let’s chat about New Year’s resolutions, shall we? We all make them with the best of intentions, yet somehow, by February, they often seem as forgotten as last year’s holiday decorations.

So, what’s the deal with setting realistic resolutions? Why is it important, and how can it change our approach to the new year?

Read on, friends. Read on. 

1. Setting the Stage for Success

Let’s talk about success. 

When we set achievable goals, we’re more likely to meet them. It’s not rocket science, but it is human nature. But wait, it’s also kind of sciencey, because there’s the chemistry of confidence that comes with success. There’s a dopamine release when we achieve things, and it feels good. 

But temper expectations. 

Setting a goal like “I’ll run a marathon by February” when you haven’t jogged around the block since high school might be stretching it a bit thin. Instead, how about “I’ll start with brisk walks, then gradually jog”? Sounds doable, right? 

These small victories create momentum, and before you know it, you’re actually running that marathon, more likely by the following February. 

2. The Motivation Factor

Nothing saps motivation like unattainable goals (and the TV remote). 

If you’re constantly facing uphill battles, it’s natural to feel defeated. But when your resolutions are within reach, each step forward is a little victory, keeping that motivational fire burning. 

Remember, motivation loves company, and achievable goals are its best friends.

3. Avoiding the Burnout

Ever jumped into a resolution full force, only to burn out quicker than a cheap candle? 

Burnout happens when we start with intense enthusiasm for ambitious goals, but this intensity is often unsustainable, leading to exhaustion and a loss of motivation. 

Maybe your goal is to be more active on social media for your business. You go gangbusters in January, rattling off 15 posts per week and then…you crash and get totally sick of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, SnapChat, what have you. 

Instad, go slow and steady, cliche and all, but it will be a more manageable journey, allowing you to pursue your resolutions without running out of steam.

4. Flexibility is Key

Life is unpredictable, said everyone ever. 

That’s why flexible, realistic goals are crucial. They allow for life’s curveballs without making you feel like you’ve derailed your entire year. Miss a week at the gym because the flu hit you like a freight train? No problem, you’ve set a realistic schedule that allows for hiccups. 

Maybe you want to learn a new language but find a particular interest in its culture instead. With realistic and adaptable goals, you can shift focus without feeling guilty. This flexibility makes your resolutions more attainable and enjoyable.

No one said they have to be punishing, right? 

5. Building Confidence, Not Regret

When you prove yourself to yourself, you build self-confidence and an excuse to use “self” four times in a relatively short sentence. 

For real, and not to sound too trite, but when you actually carry out one resolution, it makes the others easier. 

If you don’t believe me, then I guess I’ll have to get more sciencey on you. Self-confidence is deeply rooted in our psychology and neuroscience. Neurologically, it’s associated with a network of brain areas, including the prefrontal cortex, which influences decision-making and social interactions. Psychologically, confidence is bolstered by positive experiences and reinforcement, which stimulate the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, enhancing our mood and our belief in our own abilities. 

Hey, you made me go there, but see what I mean? This biochemical response not only lifts up our sense of well-being, but also reinforces our capacity to tackle challenges and succeed in various tasks, further nurturing our self-confidence.

It’s like a hamster wheel that’s actually beneficial. 

One of my resolutions is to establish more work/life balance and focus on self-care. To that end, we’re taking a break until January 2. We’ll be checking and replying to email, but not shipping anything out. 


Over here at BasketWorks, we believe in rewards for fulfilling New Year’s resolutions. Enter our Martini Gift Basket, built in an oh so elegant bento tray, serving up two Martini glasses, cocktail shaker, Grey Goose Vodka, Patron XO Cafe coffee liqueur, and organic simple syrup.

Happy New Year!

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