8 Ways to Trick Or Treat In The Cold

You can always count on Chicagoland temps to drop into the 30s on Halloween, because of course it does. 

Today is no exception, and if you looked out the window this morning or were outside, you saw/felt a brief snow flurry. Once again Mother Nature is being difficult. Do we just toss out the trick or treating plans and mope? NO! We adapt and ensure our little ghouls and goblins are both warm and in high spirits.

So, let’s talk about some spooktacular ways to handle trick or treating when it’s freezing outside. 

1. Layer Up

Second only to your child’s disappointment at having to donate some of their candy, is having to wear a jacket over their costumes. We have good news for them and you: they can lose the jacket and wear thermal or cotton layers beneath their Elsa, Grogu, Super Mario, or Scream costume instead.

If they get itchy, well, that’s on them. 

2. Blend Coziness with Costume Design

You know what they say? When Halloween gives you a wintry mix, uh…make wintry mixade, or something like that. 

Why not make the cold part of the look? If your child is dressing up as a ghost, a white hoodie underneath can look seamless. A princess? Long-sleeved dresses or even velvet capes can add warmth. Pirates with scarves, zombies with torn flannel shirts—the cold-weather options are endless!

3. The Power of Accessories

Gloves, mittens, hats, and scarves can all be added to a costume without ruining the look. 

A funky colored scarf or hat might just add that extra flair. And don’t get me started on the adorable beanies out there that can easily be part of an animal costume.

The things we do for love, right?

4. Warm-Up Breaks

Instead of doing a marathon trick or treating session, consider breaking it up. 

Do a few houses, then hop into the car or head back home for a quick warm-up break. Maybe have a spooky warm drink ready—a hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick or hot chocolate. 

And of course an adult beverage or three…if you’re not the driver. 

5. The Shoe Matters

It’s not just about the outfit. 

Your child’s feet can get cold quickly, especially when walking from house to house. Opt for warm, comfy footwear and two pair of socks. If your little mermaid wears sneakers instead of flimsy sandals, I promise she’ll still look fantastic.

6. Hand Warmers

Those little packets you shake and stuff in your pockets? Gold. 

Pop a pair in your child’s pockets, or even in their treat bag. They last for hours and can be a game-changer in keeping fingers toasty. Drop them in their shoes, too. 

7. Opt for Indoor Activities

Some communities offer indoor trick or treating events. 

Malls, community centers, or schools might have activities where kids can gather treats without braving the cold. Keep an eye out for local events.

8. Remember the Real Fun

Is it about the candy? Well, partly (okay, mostly). 

But it’s also about the experience. Emphasize the fun of dressing up, the joy of spending time together, and the stories you’ll share. “Remember that Halloween when it was SO cold, and we did XYZ?!” I’m not guaranteeing that will work, but it’s worth a shot. 


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