BasketWorks Is All Over Social Media. Don’t Miss Out!

To clarify: we are not over social media in the sense that it’s beneath us, and nor we are done with it. 

Au contraire. BasketWorks is very active on social media, because we have a lot of cool products and creations to show and tell. Our emails containing our blog posts and newsletters are but one way of reaching you. 

Today’s blog post provides your guide to where you can find us on social media and the type of content we’re putting out there. 

Facebook or Meta. Whatever

Remember Facebook? The kids may not be active there, but 1) youth is wasted on the young and 2) Facebook remains the largest social media networking platform to the tune of 3 billion users, which, if you made a country out of them, would be the most populated country in the world. 

When you check out our Facebook page, you’ll mostly find videos of new inventory that I reveal. Some refer to these as “unboxing”, but at the end of the day, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the latest and greatest products to be featured in our gift baskets. 


You’ll find our videos on Instagram, as well, plus lots of pictures of our finished baskets and testimonials. 

The testimonials aren’t there to inflate my head–I’m not going to lie; they do feel good–but rather to demonstrate our credibility, quality of service, customer satisfaction, and value proposition so that you can feel confident that you’re doing business with the right folks. 


There’s a Russian nesting doll theme happening: Facebook owns Instagram, and Threads is the offspring of Instagram. 

Threads has Twitter vibes with a sprinkle of Instagram aesthetics. With a 500-character post cap, it lets you jazz up your feed with photos and videos. 

But compared to our posts on Facebook and Instagram, I pull back the curtain and share more candid messaging on Threads. I find that there are more similarities than differences with my business and “personal” branding. I like to get real, and I’m glad that people can relate. 

Also, Mark Zuckerberg has waited a long time to land a punch on Twitter, and so far this is his best shot. 


We’re attempting fall here in Chicagoland, given the warm temperatures and all. 

But it’s still fall, and if you want to make someone’s season extra special, surprise them with our 

Flavors of Fall Gift Basket, bursting with an abundance of flavors, like mulling spices, Anna’s ginger cookies, Nibbles chocolate chunks, RayZyns wine raisins, smoked cashews, and more! 

About BasketWorks

BasketWorks is a woman-owned gift basket company located in the north suburbs of Chicago (specifically Northbrook, IL) since 1997. We are proud to offer a variety of gifts and gift baskets appropriate for all occasions. Each of our packages is built to order, allowing for customization at no additional cost to our clients. Contact us today!

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