Halloween Globetrotting: Ghosts with Different Postal Codes

Ah, Halloween! The only time of the year when it’s not just acceptable but encouraged to eat candy for breakfast and pretend you’re someone (or something) else. 

While many of us associate Halloween with pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and perhaps a spooky movie marathon, it turns out that our ghostly friends and candy corn traditions aren’t universal. 

It’s time to pull out your global atlas (or, you know, just Google Maps) and let’s embark on a bewitching journey to see how the world gets its spook on.

Dia de los Muertos – Mexico

Mexico, ever the overachiever in the holiday department, doesn’t just celebrate Halloween for a day but turns it into a three-day fiesta known as Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. 

Far from a somber occasion, this festival is a vibrant affair. Think of it as a family reunion, only that some of the family members are, well, deceased. With sugar skulls, marigolds, and beautifully adorned altars, Mexicans honor their departed loved ones, remembering that death, just like life, is something to be celebrated.

Pangangaluluwa – Philippines

In the Philippines, the night before All Saints’ Day sees youngsters singing and dancing in a manner that’s vaguely reminiscent of caroling. 

But instead of jingle bells and Santa hats, we’re talking about ghostly tunes. Oh, and if you don’t reward these spooky serenaders with goodies? Prepare for some minor, harmless pranks. It’s all in good spirit (pun totally intended).

The Hungry Ghost Festival – China

Let’s hop over to China, where the Hungry Ghost Festival takes center stage. 

During the seventh month of the lunar calendar, it’s believed that restless spirits roam the Earth. To appease these wanderers, folks offer food, money, and even concerts. That’s right; in the afterlife, spirits apparently still have a penchant for good music. 

Dzień Zaduszny – Poland

Say it with me…actually, I can’t pronounce it. 

Still, Poland’s Dzień Zaduszny, or All Souls’ Day, is a tad more reflective. Candles and flowers adorn graves, illuminating cemeteries in a mesmerizing dance of flickering lights. This is a moment to honor the departed, and a candlelit Polish cemetery is said to be eerily breathtaking, without the need for any Hollywood special effects.

La Fête d’Halloween – France

Par le vous Halloween? 

Oh là là, do they know how to add a touch of chic in France! With costume parties and eerie soirées in the catacombs of Paris (because a haunted underground party is always a good idea), the French add their signature panache to the spooky season.

Samhain – Ireland & Scotland

Back to where it all began! 

Samhain, originating from ancient Celtic traditions, marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. With bonfires, traditional foods, and probably a leprechaun or two hidden somewhere, the Irish and Scots delve into an ancient celebration that’s the granddaddy of the Halloween we know.


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