Health Benefits of Crackers

The humble cracker has come a long way since the days of boring saltines served on the side of chili and soup. 

Crackers have become a bit of an art form with a multitude of gourmet options that bring your cheese and charcuterie boards to the next level. Many of the new ingredients being used to up the flavor profile of these crispy little snacks, such as grains and seeds, have also made crackers a surprisingly healthy snack. 

If you thought our blog about the health benefits of honey was astounding, buckle up for this one about crackers, specifically multigrain. 

A Boost of Fiber

When you choose multigrain crackers, you get a boost of fiber that can offer some unexpected health benefits. 

First, if you serve up a nice platter of crackers and cheese as a healthy appetizer, you feel full and will eat less at dinner. The high fiber content can aid in weight loss because it helps you feel satisfied longer. 

Fiber is also known to reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. 

Lots of Protein

We make a big deal about protein for good reasons. 

Protein is essential for energy and carrying oxygen throughout the body and in our blood. It also promotes antibodies that combat infections and illnesses, as well as maintaining healthy cells and generating new ones. 

If that weren’t enough, protein helps you lose weight because you actually burn more calories during the digestion of proteins.

Vitamins and Iron

Grains contain B vitamins that allow you to convert the nutrients in your food into fuel. 

As a result, your metabolism gets a boost that keeps it running efficiently throughout the day. B vitamins from grains offer the following health benefits:

  • Vitamin B3: This is great for your skin while also supporting a healthy nervous system.
  • Vitamin B1: This B vitamin helps keep your appetite in check for healthier eating habits.
  • Vitamin B6: This contributes to healthy red blood cell production.

Grains are an excellent source of iron which is also great for your blood. Iron helps produce red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout your entire system and store it in your muscles for future use. You need iron for energy, cell growth, and DNA synthesis. When you combine your crackers with vegetables, cheese, and fruit, you also get a good boost of Vitamin C, which improves iron absorption. 


Building a Healthy Appetizer with Crackers

You can build an even healthier ensemble with your crackers by adding these ingredients:

  • Hummus and other planted-based spreads such as guacamole
  • Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, and pistachios
  • Pickles and brined foods such as olives, peppers, and beets
  • Fresh and dried fruits such as figs and dates
  • Vegetable sticks with healthy dips such as tzatziki, yogurt, raita, and soft cream cheese

You might not always think of crackers when you think of healthy snacks, but when you choose multigrain crackers packed with grains and seeds, they become not only tastier but also healthier. 


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