What Are the Most Popular Fall Foods?

Don’t fret about summer being in the rearview mirror, because fall is pretty awesome. 

Fall is a great season when it comes to food, for it’s the season of the harvest when local produce is in abundance with a veritable cornucopia of squash, root vegetables, apples, pears and more, all ripe for the picking. 

Today, we admire the wonderful foods of fall. 

Squash, Squash and More Squash

If you aren’t a big fan of squash, you should really give it a chance. Squash comes in an endless list of varieties, each with its own unique taste and texture. Most have a wonderfully nutty flavor just begging for butter and brown sugar to bring out its best. It can be roasted with other vegetables,

pureed into all kinds of heartwarming soups, or be tossed into pasta and stews. 

Spaghetti squash (yes, that is a thing) can be roasted and shredded as an alternative to pasta if you’re on a low carb diet, complete with its own ready-to-serve bowl.

All Things Pumpkin Spice

You know you love it and can’t get enough of it—pumpkin spice. 
Whether it’s in your morning latte, an afternoon donut, or a decadent dessert at your next dinner party, pumpkin spice is a fall mainstay. This blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger is enough to put your nostrils and taste buds into overdrive with their pungent aroma and deep nostalgic flavors that remind you of Thanksgiving dinners with family and friends.

An Apple a Day

Apples really don’t need their egos stroked anymore, but we can’t help ourselves. 

There is no better time to indulge in a crisp, sweet apple than the fall. 

When plucked fresh from the tree in late September, the apple becomes a sublime fruit whether you eat it straight up, dip it in caramel, pop it in a crust and bake it into a pie, or enjoy it in all kinds of dishes from salads to stuffing and roasted veggies to curries and soups.

Apples, as always, you win. 

Stew Season

Stew may be the official savory dish of fall, with hearty root vegetables simmered in mouthwatering gravy that slowly tenderizes the less expensive cuts of meat. 

Stew is an homage to rib-sticking, lip-smacking meals that beg for fresh, crusty loaves of bread smothered in butter to sop up every last drop of that impossibly comforting broth.

Excuse me while I fix myself a bowl.

Super Soups

Speaking of the soup family…

Whether it’s the all-American combo of grilled cheese and tomato soup, an elegant bowl of French onion smothered in bubbling gruyere cheese, or a sweet, smooth puree of delicious butternut squash, soups are the ultimate superfood of the fall. They are easy to prepare, make excellent leftovers and provide a warm welcome home after a long day.


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