Housewares Show!

This weekend was the International Housewares Association Show, which is conveniently held here in Chicago (completely for my benefit, I am sure).   I attend every year, trolling the aisles looking for a new idea, new trends, new products.   Unfortunately, the gourmet section of the show was virtually non-existent this year – so nothing new and exciting there!

That said, I did find some things I am feeling enthusiastic about.   One vendor had three!  A cupcake maker that will make a single cupcake, from virtually any cake batter, in the microwave oven in under 2 minutes.   A popcorn popper that will do 2-3 cups of popcorn in the microwave without oil.  And a cup that will make a slushie in your hand in no time at all.   I haven’t ordered these yet, but I am sorely tempted – very high on my super cool list.

A few people sent me on product hunts – I found several different melamine trays and bowls for one client – amazing the patterns that are available!  And I have a full list of really nifty ideas for one of our real estate agents!

Themes and trends – copper is still going strong, both as an accent color and as a material in cookware.  The sea and beach themes are big – whales, octopuses, sea shells and lighthouses.  I have read that the ‘colors of the year’ are pastel blues and pinks, but that certainly wasn’t evident at the show.

I will be at the show one more day – Tuesday is a short day- looking to see if there was anything I missed the first time through and filling in a few of the areas I know I missed.  Then it is down to reading the pile of catalogs and making the ideas turn into reality!


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