Catalogs upon catalogs

Valentine’s Day this week.   Probably two dozen people have commented  on how crazy busy I must be.  Reality check – in my world Valentine’s Day is definitely what I would call a ‘lesser’ holiday.  I have a half dozen or so orders for the holiday, and while more would be lovely, I don’t necessarily expect to be swamped.   While Valentine’s is definitely a chocolate holiday, for me it tends not to be a chocolate-in-gift-baskets holiday.

That said, we did spend the week catching up after the gift show – replying to emails, doing the paperwork, and catalogs.  Oy, do I have catalogs!   I am very old school and I actually read all the paper catalogs that I bring home, sometimes 50 or more.   Sourcing product for clients is a real pleasure for me and having read through a catalog, I can generally recall having seen something and put my hands on the right catalog.  So I invest time in reading through them – and my staff invests time in filing them (thanks Betsy!)

So if you have a project coming up and are looking for something special let me know – I am happy to see if one of my vendors carries it.



(PS. This is the fifth blog I have written this week – the first three were awful and I spared you the pain of reading them and the fourth was a duplicate of last week’s blog.   I know this is late, but it is still this week!  Whew!)

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