Books, books, books

I am a serious book geek.   If you have ever met me, that is probably not news.  I read probably 3-4 books a month – sometimes more. And I am all over the map in what I read- science fiction, general business, history, mystery, teen lit, marketing, literature….pretty wide variety.  I love a good chat about a book – and if you have read something esoteric that I have enjoyed, I am tickled beyond belief.

I do both Kindle and paper books.  For years I was a paper book purist, until I found that having 2-3 books on my all the time had some serious benefits (sitting in waiting rooms on short notice….oy!)  So one of the sites I am sharing is print based and one is Kindle based.

l admit to being terrible about getting to the library, as much as I love it.  I find that my universe happens and I am paying large fines for late books.   I am also always looking for recommendations for good books.  So to keep the stream of books and reviews flowing without breaking the bank, I have had to cast a wide net.  I have found some amazing websites that help me with that.   Here are two of my current favorites.

My favorite book site is   I’ve been a bookcrosser for years, at various levels of activity.  The website encourages people to Read, Register and Release books “into the wild” and then track where they go.  I have mailed books across the country and I have left books in assorted public places and had them found and shared by other book lovers.   I keep a wishlist that includes out of print books – and I have had folks send me some of those books.  It is a true community of book lovers.

A new site that I have recently found is  I am a new comer to this site, but have found an assortment of free kindle books on this site that I have downloaded and enjoyed a great deal.  I am reading things outside of my usual choices, and having current options dropped into my email box daily is a pleasure.

Going forward, I’ll probably share some of my favorite books as well as book websites – hope that is useful to you!



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