Get Human….

So I know I said I wasn’t going to be publishing daily, and honestly, I’m not, but something happened in one of my networking meetings this morning and I needed to share.

We were discussing auto-phone attendants, and folks general dislike of them.  Comments were made about how frustrating it is to go through a never-ending menu, or to enter all of your account information just to be asked for that same information again when you actually got through to a person.  I mentioned in an off-hand sort of way, assuming everyone in the room was aware of the site.  Apparently not.

So GetHuman is a fabulous site that helps you to navigate through automated phone systems to actually get to a real person.  There is information on what to press at each prompt, how to get a call back, average wait times.  Fabulous site, enormous time saver!

Just for the record, when you call BasketWorks you will either:

  1. Get a live human (that would be me)
  2. Get asked for your name and then put through to a live human (again, me) or
  3. Reach our voice mail – which apologizes that you didn’t reach a live human.  I’ll call you back as soon as possible.  🙂

Hope this is useful!  Have a lovely, folks!


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