How to Make Mother’s Day Truly Your Day

Gee willikers! Mother’s Day is right around the corner. We have an important message for moms everywhere: you work hard, you sacrifice, so don’t be bashful about making this day all about you. It occurs once a year, and we’ll go out on a limb and say it’s been quite the doozy of a 13-month stretch. 

The point is that you come first on Mother’s Day, and you can hand-craft how you’d like even if (gasp!) you’d prefer some solitude. Don’t worry, your kids, husband, parents, inlaws, and whoever else in your sphere won’t fire you over it. 

Here’s how to make Mother’s Day truly your day. 

Design Your Day

Do you ever fantasize about what the perfect day would look like? Of course you do, but it always seems like an impossibility because of your daily duty and drudgery. Well, Mother’s Day is your opportunity to start with a blank canvass and design the morning, afternoon, and evening as you want. Pro tip: write it all down and go forth. 

Give Yourself Permission to Just Say No

It goes against the grain to not want to be with family on Mother’s Day, but if that’s what you desire then go for it. If getting together with family within pandemic parameters fulfills you, great, but don’t feel guilty saying no to your relatives, rejecting their invitations to brunch, lunch, or dinner. Tradition shmradition. When 32% of mothers say their mental health has gotten worse as a result of COVID, you are entitled to some me time on your day. 

Be the Queen of Your Castle 

“I love you, you’re perfect, now leave,” isn’t exactly how I’d articulate it to your spouse/partner and kids, but you can kindly request that you’d like the house to yourself for a portion of the day. Imagine having a few hours alone to just chill. Make sure, though, that you give your crew some advanced notice that they need to vacate the premises. 

Get a Room

When is the last time you had your own hotel room unrelated to a work trip? Even if it was yesterday, that doesn’t preclude you from booking a Mother’s Day reservation and spending the night. The possibilities are endless, including binge watching Netflix shows, getting lost in a book, or doing both while lounging in a cozy robe and feasting on room service. Staying at a hotel is low risk if you’re vaccinated, and you could always rent an Airbnb or Vrbo property if that makes you more comfortable.

We should note that we’re not trying to sway you one way or the other. Your perfect Mother’s Day may be one spent with family all day, but the main idea is that you have the freedom to experience Mother’s Day on your own terms because you deserve to.

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