Report from the Gift Show

The title of the blog is a bit misleading, implying that I am away from home.  The reality is that the Chicago Gift Show is on and I am attending for three days (yesterday, today and tomorrow).  Advantages and disadvantages to all things – the local show is small and lightly attended, meaning that while I always find nifty new items, there is not the diversity I would find at a larger show.  The clear advantage is that I am able to be home each evening and keep everything here at HQ running smoothly.  (Ok, that cracks me up.  HQ…)

I am looking at some fun new ideas – Batman looks to be a big up and coming thing, and of course Star Wars and Star Trek continue to be strong.  Dr.Who items are becoming easier and easier to find.   Adult coloring books are being published everywhere – clearly this is the hot trend.    I am going to try to post to Instagram and cross share to my Twitter and FB posts, but the FB post doesn’t always want to work for me….so if you are desperate to see what I find, follow my instagram feed – user name is 79Gifts.

I am always open to new ideas – please let me know if there is something you would like me to look for – I will be checking email regularly!



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