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Camper's Centerpiece
We have worked with Lise several times and she always helps us come up with great, well-priced gifts for our clients and referral sources. The bonus is, Lise is wonderful to work with and always delivers on-time, on-budget. You can't go wrong using BasketWorks. Lise gets 5 stars from us.
Bob T, Senior Helpers

Camper's Centerpiece

This Bar Mitzvah was all about  love of camp, so we created a two level centerpiece using a toddler toy camping set.  Each set included a lantern, a swiss army knife, canteen,working compass, multi-purpose tool, shovel, pan and first aid kit.    We used moss to create a grassy surface and birch bark for the uprights. 

Each table was identified using a wooden arrow directing guests to a different area of camp - the waterfront, dining hall or canteen for example.  An 18" foam core sign was created that read "Camp Joe" for the sign in table.    After the event all the toys were donated to a local preschool program.

This is not available for immediate delivery.  Please call us to order.

As Pictured: $50.00