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Stop & Drop Monthly Gift Program

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"The gift baskets are quite unique. I love the way you can personalize baskets. I was especially impressed when Lise responded to feedback and created a basket without sweets. This is why I order from them year after year.
Robin Ross"

Stop & Drop Monthly Gift Program

Our Stop & Drop monthly gift program is designed to make is easy and affordable for the busy professional to build and maintain ongoing relationships with customers, to thank referral sources, and to get in the door with potential clients.   

Each month we create a new Stop & Drop gift between $4 and $7 each, including tax.  We will include a tag featuring a catchy marketing tag line attached and have them ready for you to pick up on the first business day of each month.   Delivery to your office is also available for an additional cost.  We offer no personalization for these gifts, however some months we may offer a selection of different tag lines. 

All you have to do is commit to purchase three or more gifts each month for 12 consecutive months.  We'll let you know on or about the 15th of each month what the next Stop & Drop gift will be and you'll have a week to increase the number of gifts you are ordering.

This program is perfect for real estate agents, insurance agents, sales people or anyone who regularly wants to pop-by to see their clients and prospects!

For more information or for a copy of our purchase agreement, please call us at 847-559-9379 or email us at info@79gifts.com.

As Pictured: $7.00

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