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Flathaus Snaps Cookie Can
We have worked with BasketWorks for 10 years. They have never disappointed. They are reliable, flexible when necessary and scrupulously honest. Their final products are beautiful, and we are proud to put our name on them. No one could wish for a better partner.

The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center

Flathaus Snaps Cookie Can

Cannot begin to describe how much we love these shortbread cookies! Packed in a 16oz paint style can, they are flavorful and completely addictive.

Peppermint is topped with a peppermint patterned ribbon.  Lemon is topped with a gold ribbon.

For an extra punch, add a box of coco or coffee with flavored syrups!  (not pictured) 

  • Cocoa includes 9 different packs of Cocoa Amore
  • Coffee bar set includes 8oz of French roast coffee and 3 different flavor syrups.

As Pictured: $30.00