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3 Reasons Why Client Gifts Are Good For Business

Signing a new client is a great feeling. You and the client have conducted your due diligence to feel comfortable about the business fit, and then you’re off and running with the engagement. You’re so focused on delivering the best service possible–as you should be–that you forget to go the extra mile to send a gift (shameless plug alert: like an inimitable BasketWorks gift basket) when the occasion calls for it. Now, you’re not likely going to get fired for that “sin” of omission, but it certainly doesn’t hurt and in fact can help to send a holiday, thank you or happy fill-in-the-blank gift. 

Every chance you get to show that you care gives your client another reason to keep working with you. Here are three reasons why client gifts are good for business. 

1. Strengthens Relationships

Why not make a good relationship better?

Surprising your customers with gifts reflects a level of generosity and implies that you care about individual relationships. It keeps you top-of-mind and shows your customers that you are committed to long-standing relationships. Gift-giving is a small gesture with significant implications on your brand perception, the likelihood of repeat business, and more referrals. 

2. Gives You A Reason To Reach Out

As a vendor you don’t want to be out of sight out of mind for your clients. Having a standing check-in meeting is always a best practice, but sending a gift gives you an excuse to reach out without necessarily talking business. Think of it as a way to reconnect with customers with whom you haven’t had frequent contact in a low-pressure, non-sales-y way. 

3. Builds More Trust

Care and trust are the kissing cousins of business in that the more that you show your customers that you care, the more trust they invest in you. Customers feel special when they receive TLC, and the combination of outstanding services and gift-giving provides that. 

Giving your client a gift sends two very important messages: 1) it demonstrates how much you appreciate their business, and 2) it’s a reflection of who you are as a company.

Pro Tips

People love personalized gifts. I’m not saying they have to be super customized, but including a personal note wishing them a happy holiday or recognizing another occasion can go a long way. 

Timing is everything. Err on the side of ordering early to ensure that your customer receives the gift before the birthday, anniversary or Christmas. A late gift is never a good look! 

Now it’s time to create a plan to wow your customers with the perfect gift.

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Woman Owned – Local – Exceptional Quality – Personal Touch

Basketworks is a woman owned gift basket company, located in the north suburbs of Chicago (specifically Northbrook, IL) since 1997. We are proud to offer a variety of gifts and gift baskets appropriate for all occasions. Each of our packages is built to order, allowing for customization at no additional cost to our clients. We can customize your gift with imprinted ribbon or even include items with your corporate logo and colors.

Our staff attends half a dozen or more gift and gourmet shows each year to search out new products and to taste and select every item we use in our gift baskets and gift packages. We proudly offer gluten free, kosher, heart healthy, and other special diet foods, all tasted for quality by our own staff.

We've won multiple national industry awards including 1st place for Executive Design. We were named to Gift Basket Review's Top 50 Gift Basket Companies. We won a 2nd place grant in the First Annual Idea Cafe "Mom Grant." We've been featured in the Chicago Tribune, on WBBM Radio, in "The Gift Basket Design Book", Rave Reviews Magazine & GBA Digest.

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Creative, responsive, pragmatic, price-sensitive, results-driven, unflappable. And a delight to work with. These are a lot of superlatives to describe any one person, but emphatically earned by Lise and her team at BasketWorks. Lise has crafted custom holiday baskets for my clients for a number of years and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Each year she outdoes herself. And she inevitably makes me look good. What more can you ask for?
Andrew S. Jacobs,CFP, Principal & Financial Advisor
Bernstein Private Wealth Management
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