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Administrative Professionals Are Essential for Small Business Success

Did you know that Administrative Professionals Day is next Wednesday, April 27? 

If you did, way to pay attention. If you didn’t…surprise! 

The cogs and wheels that keep business operations running are many, and the unsung heroes are often administrative professionals hard at work behind the scenes. They are essential for small business success, as we know all too well over here at BasketWorks.  

Would most businesses survive without administrative professionals? Probably not. 

The Impact of Administrative Professionals

Administrative professionals deserve recognition, and it’s nice to see that they’re getting it. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) surveyed a lot of people in the workforce last year and found that:

  • 92% believe that administrative professionals are essential to the success of a team
  • 89% have enjoyed the experience of working alongside an administrative professional 
  • 87% say the work of an administrative professional is challenging

Not only are they often tasked with managing correspondences, clerical work, scheduling, etc., but in today’s evolving business world, administrative professionals also provide customer service, manage social media accounts, make sales, etc.

In other words, they wear lots of hats. 

Fundamentally, administrative professionals provide the framework for collating efforts in a business on a day-to-day basis. That’s a fancy way of saying that they’re utility is critical. Small business owners need the right people in the trenches to resolve customer complaints, book meetings, complete paperwork, and answer calls.

Suffice it to say businesses–big or small–wouldn’t function at their best without the skills of administrative professionals.

How to Show Your Appreciation

Time to put your best appreciative foot forward. We’ve written before about ways to acknowledge your staff for jobs well done, and now we turn our attention to administrative professionals. 

Kudos Time – When an admin delivers, there’s a positive ripple effect. A thank you is a start, but take it a couple of steps further. Explain to them how their work helped and its impact on the company. Present feedback from happy clients, and celebrate your workers publicly by acknowledging their contributions with peers. 

Give Them Some R&R – Give your administrative team a breather. Let them log off early or surprise them with a day off. Sweeten it more by surprising them with a gift card so they can treat themselves to a spa day. 

New Professional Opportunities – Talk to your employees about their professional development and offer them opportunities at upward mobility. This demonstrates that you’re invested in their future and that you value their efforts. It’s all about engagement. 

How About a Gift Basket? I really shouldn’t blog while driving because of 🚨SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT🚨 potholes. Where was I? Ah yes, of all the ways to shower your appreciation for your administrative staff, there’s none more powerful, more meaningful than through surprising them with a best-in-class BasketWorks gift basket! We even have a whole page dedicated to them for you to check out. 

Administrative professionals are the glue that holds companies together. Show them some love on April 27, and keep it going from there.

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Games That Make You Smarter

Did you know that certain games can help improve cognitive skills, reflexes and abstract thinking?

And getting smarter is never a waste of time unless you are the smartest human in the world. Did you also know that, while game apps are ever popular, so are board games? The number-crunchers over at have reported tremendous growth of global board game market value beginning in 2017 at $7 Billion and project that number to soar to $12 Billion through 2023.

Suffice it to say that digital and physical games are here to stay, and if you’re interested in working on your brain, below, we discuss games that make you smarter.

Word Games

Word Games are familiar to almost everyone. There are the classics like crossword puzzles and Scrabble, along with thousands of apps. Whichever word game you choose, there’s a host of advantages for your brain to feast on.

  • Increased neuroplasticity
  • Improved vocabulary and spelling
  • Better communication skills
  • Increased attention span
  • Improved creative problem solving

With so many choices, it’s a brain exercise just choosing your game…unless there existed a certain, locally loved specialty retailer that designs baskets with game themes. By golly and 🚨SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT🚨, I’ve found one! BasketWorks’ Boredom Buster Gift Basket.

Of course, this is just one of many gift baskets with brainy games like a crossword and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Memory Games and Puzzles

Improving your memory and problem-solving skills can be easy and fun if you take the right approach. Puzzles are one of the best ways to sharpen your abstract thinking and heighten your memory.

  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Simon Says
  • Jenga
  • Sudoku

Just don’t be that person who shares your high scores on social media!

Strategy Games

More often, multiplayer strategy games can be a fun way to compete with a friend while giving your noodle a workout.

Forcing you to think quickly, strategy games are a great way to boost your decision-making skills and make you a better strategist. Learning to quickly analyze a situation and choose the best option can sound stressful, but playing strategy games can help improve those skills, giving you the confidence to think on your feet and make great decisions.

With unlimited options, here are just a few to get the ball rolling:

  • Board Games (Monopoly, Risk, Settlers of Catan)
  • Kids games (Sorry, Trouble)
  • Chess
  • Tetris
  • Role-Playing Games
  • Countless apps and video games

Solo or with friends, strategy games are always a winner when you’re looking for ways to train your noggin.

Now that you’ve got some ideas for ways to exercise your brain, get gaming!

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