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Housewares Report

So the show wiped me out more than I expected and  I’m running a day late, but here is my report on the Housewares Show – most of these things are not items I will be carrying, but they are things that caught my eye for one reason or another.


I posted this on my FB page, but the FoodPod by fusionbrands amuses me to no end.  It looks to me like some alien craft or creature, but is used to cook and drain foods in one step. (Picture copyright, fusionbrands)



Hobby Holster – ok, no great surprise that I like this little gadget.  These are silicone holders that will cling to a smooth surface without adhesive.  What I REALLY like is that I can put my hot glue gun right into the pocket or onto the flat surface without an issue and (I’m told) any glue that drops onto it will peel right off.  I’m sold.  They also make a more general line – Lil’ Holster.   Considering making these available, just because I like them so much – what do you think?  Let me know.

Charles Viancin – these are some super nifty silicon lids that create airtight, water-tight seals and can be used in the microwave, stove top and refrigerator.  They are all nature themed and beautiful.  I am absolutely in love with these.

SnapIt screw – this is a great idea for any of us who wear glasses.  An eyeglass repair kit – the screw is extra long with the bottom unthreaded, so it drops through and holds in place while you screw it in.  That way you aren’t struggling to keep the screw in place.  Brilliant.


BluApple is an interesting idea. This little blue apple holds a replaceable packet that is designed to absorb ethylene gas for 3 months, thereby extending the shelf life of your produce.   I am trying one out now.  If it works, it is a great money saver.  I will let you know!

Ok – there are more fun things that I will post as I keep sifting through everything I brought home – and things I am absolutely going to be adding to the product line.  If there is something here that you would like me to carry, let me know!


Books, books, books

I am a serious book geek.   If you have ever met me, that is probably not news.  I read probably 3-4 books a month – sometimes more. And I am all over the map in what I read- science fiction, general business, history, mystery, teen lit, marketing, literature….pretty wide variety.  I love a good chat about a book – and if you have read something esoteric that I have enjoyed, I am tickled beyond belief.

I do both Kindle and paper books.  For years I was a paper book purist, until I found that having 2-3 books on my all the time had some serious benefits (sitting in waiting rooms on short notice….oy!)  So one of the sites I am sharing is print based and one is Kindle based.

l admit to being terrible about getting to the library, as much as I love it.  I find that my universe happens and I am paying large fines for late books.   I am also always looking for recommendations for good books.  So to keep the stream of books and reviews flowing without breaking the bank, I have had to cast a wide net.  I have found some amazing websites that help me with that.   Here are two of my current favorites.

My favorite book site is   I’ve been a bookcrosser for years, at various levels of activity.  The website encourages people to Read, Register and Release books “into the wild” and then track where they go.  I have mailed books across the country and I have left books in assorted public places and had them found and shared by other book lovers.   I keep a wishlist that includes out of print books – and I have had folks send me some of those books.  It is a true community of book lovers.

A new site that I have recently found is  I am a new comer to this site, but have found an assortment of free kindle books on this site that I have downloaded and enjoyed a great deal.  I am reading things outside of my usual choices, and having current options dropped into my email box daily is a pleasure.

Going forward, I’ll probably share some of my favorite books as well as book websites – hope that is useful to you!



Get Human….

So I know I said I wasn’t going to be publishing daily, and honestly, I’m not, but something happened in one of my networking meetings this morning and I needed to share.

We were discussing auto-phone attendants, and folks general dislike of them.  Comments were made about how frustrating it is to go through a never-ending menu, or to enter all of your account information just to be asked for that same information again when you actually got through to a person.  I mentioned in an off-hand sort of way, assuming everyone in the room was aware of the site.  Apparently not.

So GetHuman is a fabulous site that helps you to navigate through automated phone systems to actually get to a real person.  There is information on what to press at each prompt, how to get a call back, average wait times.  Fabulous site, enormous time saver!

Just for the record, when you call BasketWorks you will either:

  1. Get a live human (that would be me)
  2. Get asked for your name and then put through to a live human (again, me) or
  3. Reach our voice mail – which apologizes that you didn’t reach a live human.  I’ll call you back as soon as possible.  🙂

Hope this is useful!  Have a lovely, folks!