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It’s Earth Day everyday at BasketWorks

We recycle!

We recycle!

We understand that there is a given amount of wast from businesses.  Here at BasketWorks are always working toward making our business and processes as green as possible.   Things to know:

  • We have always used recycled packing peanuts, cut up styrofoam or cellophane scraps in the base of our baskets.   We accept clean packing peanuts and packing styrofoam from clients, friends and neighbors to use for this purpose.  Please feel free to drop packing peanuts or other reusable packaging materials at our offices!
  • We give away other items to keep them out of landfills.  Items that are regularly available for pick include:
    • empty wrapping paper tubes
    • cardboard boxes of various sizes
    • empty ribbon roll centers
    • ribbon and silk flower scraps
  • Cardboard that cannot be reused by other people is dropped at a recycling location.
  • We know that not everyone can use or wants to keep a basket.  Therefore we offer many of our designs in recyclable gift boxes or reusable containers instead of baskets.
Sweet Home Chicago gift package in new gift box!

Sweet Home Chicago gift package in new gift box!

Pasta basket in a collander

Pasta basket in a colander!







We are always open to suggestions as to how to be more green!  How are you green?



packing peanuts

Packing peanuts hanging from the rafters!


Did you know that BasketWorks is green?  Not with envy (although watching folks’ exotic vacations on FB does cause some of that) but rather ecologically green.  Really!

  • Tissue paper – all of our tissue paper is made in the United States from 100% post industrial recycled fibers,
  • Packing peanuts – We have been using packing peanuts in the bases of our baskets for 17 years – since the day we opened our doors.   We have never, in 17 years, purchased a single packing peanut.  EVERY packing peanut we use is recycled, either from incoming shipments or from community members who don’t want to just toss them out.  We verify that they are clean and then happily use them.
  • Cellophane – Our cellophane is made in the United States of 100% Polypropolene.  It is entirely BPA free, contains no heavy metals or environmentally hazardous substances.   It is not biodegradable but is completely recyclable as code 5.  Additionally, we use our scrap cellophane in the bottom of our gift baskets to supplement our packing peanuts.
  • Boxes – All of our incoming boxes are either reused (we give the larger ones away to folks who are moving or storing things.  Need some?   Just let us know!) or recycled with our friends at Shred Spot.    We do use new boxes for shipping our packages out – but they are at least 40% recycled material – the national average is 35%.
  • Wrapping paper tubes – Tubes are regularly given away to preschools, art teachers, scout leaders – virtually anyone who would like them.    Wrapping paper tubes are great for art projects of all sorts (some of our favorites are here at the Crafty Crow).   Around here, they become swords and light sabers!  Ask and ye shall receive.
  • Ribbon Rolls – Empty ribbon rolls are useful for creating Rube Goldberg machines, racing vehicles, or simply storing ribbon or yarn lengths.  Also available for the asking!
  • Styrofoam sheets – We use Styrofoam sheets for centerpiece bases, to stabilize large designs, and for vertical structure.   Almost all of our sheets are cut from Styrofoam coolers.
  • Ribbon scraps – This is perhaps the oddest recycling we do.  We have lots of ribbon scraps – sizes from a half inch  to several feet long.  Tulle, the occasional silk flower.  All get tossed into our scrap box.  Like the tubes and rolls, these are favorites for anyone doing craft projects – especially mosaic type projects.

If you can use some of the items we have, drop me an email.  I am happy to get these items to folks who can use them!