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Packing Tips For College Move-in Day

The day is quickly approaching when your child will be flying the coop for college. 

For many parents, this is an emotional send off, typically with mixed feelings of pride and sadness…or relief. In spite of the emotions, you’ve got to get your kid packed so they’re ready to ship off the right way. 

Today, we offer practical packing tips to make move-in day smooth and as stress-free-ish as possible.

Start with a Checklist

Every new adventure starts with a checklist, I think. 

Anyway, creating a checklist and committing to it means you won’t forget those essential items like chargers, toiletries, and your kid’s favorite hoodie or tank top, depending on where they’re going to school.  

Break it down into categories: clothing; bedding; electronics; kitchen supplies; and personal items. A checklist not only helps you stay organized but also gives you peace-of-mind that you’ve got everything covered.

I would certainly do some kind of supervising or final check, because if your child forgets something, of course it will be your fault. 

Pack Smart

When it comes to packing, it’s all about maximizing space. 

Use vacuum-sealed bags for clothes and bedding, because they save a ton of space and keep everything organized. Plus, it’s kind of cool to vacuum-seal things. 

Roll clothes instead of folding them—this not only saves space but also reduces wrinkles, and showing up to campus as a wrinkly freshman will not make a good first impression. 

Get your kid bins and baskets for easy transport and to keep their dorm room tidy once they’re all moved in. What happens after that is up to them. 

Prioritize Essentials

Less is more, more or less. 

Your kid’s entire room doesn’t have to be packed. 

Dorm rooms are small, especially if your freshman has a roommate, so encourage them to pack only what they need. Pack only for the season and plan to swap out clothes when they visit home. 

Don’t argue if they want to bring that teddy bear they’ve cuddled with their whole life. There are other worthy battles. 

Coordinate with Your Roommate

Whichever way the kids communicate today, encourage your freshman to coordinate with their roommate ahead of time. 

There’s no need for two microwaves or mini-fridges in one small space. Decide who will bring what to avoid duplicates and make the most of their shared space. Plus, it’s a great way to start building a good relationship with the new roommate with whom they’ll be in very close quarters. 

Pack a “First-Night” Bag

Move-in day can be chaotic, and the last thing your kid will want to do is dig through boxes to find their toothbrush. 

Recommend a “first-night” bag with essentials like toiletries, a change of clothes, pajamas, and any medications they might need (and that teddy bear). This way, they can easily settle in and relax after a long day of moving.

Label Everything

Labeling boxes and bins might sound tedious, but so is parenting, and you’ve made it this far. 

A little extra effort now will save you a lot of headaches later. Clearly mark each box with its contents. Trust me, this will make unpacking a breeze and help your kid find what they need without tearing through everything.It’s also a great way to avoid those frantic, “Mom, where’s my charger?” calls.


If you want to be Parent #1, then surprise your freshman with our Collegiate Corner Gift Basket, featuring: Jelly Bellys; Everton butter toffee pretzels; Coffee candy; Peanut butter pretzels; Nibbles snack mix; Garrett’s popcorn; and more. 

You got this!

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BasketWorks is a woman-owned gift basket company located in the north suburbs of Chicago (specifically Northbrook, IL) since 1997. We are proud to offer a variety of gifts and gift baskets appropriate for all occasions. Each of our packages is built to order, allowing for customization at no additional cost to our clients. Contact us today!

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Basketworks is a woman owned gift basket company, located in the north suburbs of Chicago (specifically Northbrook, IL) since 1997. We are proud to offer a variety of gifts and gift baskets appropriate for all occasions. Each of our packages is built to order, allowing for customization at no additional cost to our clients. We can customize your gift with imprinted ribbon or even include items with your corporate logo and colors.

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I highly recommed BasketWorks! I ordered one with a Cubs/Baseball theme. It made a huge splash and Lise went out of her way to get it done for me and she did it with a smile! BasketWorks has stuff for just about any occasion and I will definitely be back.

Jim H, Glenview